Help For Child, Parents, Families and Educators

Does Your Child or Student Struggle With…?

Low social skills Emotional issues Behavior challenges
Autism PDD Asperger Syndrome
Oppositional Defiance Few friends Bullying concerns
“Flat” emotions Extreme emotions Anxiety
Selective mutism Social anxiety Inflexibility
Tantrums Low empathy Low problem-solving
ADHD A disability Self-focused conversation

Do You (as Parent or Educator)…

Wonder how to implement effective help or Early Intervention?
Struggle with your child’s reactions to daily routines and events?
Wish your child had more skills and better behavior?
Resort to raising your voice, harsh discipline, nagging or ignoring?
Find yourself defending your child’s behavior to friends, family, strangers, or school?
Feel discouraged, frustrated, worried, or all of these?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you’re not alone!  Many loving parents and educators struggle to give effective care and help to a challenging child.  Yes, some children really are harder to raise!

Fortunately, professional help and child therapy can add a set of “fresh eyes” to the situation, and give you new ideas to try.  With treatment, many children can improve.  In the process, parents and teachers can gain new understanding not only of the child, but of themselves as well.    

Services – Help for Your Child

(For children birth to age 12.  Limited services for ages 13-17).

Year For Change specializes in “People Skills” and “Emotion Skills” for kids.  These can be difficult for any child with Autism, PDD, Asperger’s, another disability, behavior challenges, emotional issues, social skills issues, and even some typical children and “tweens” to learn.

Services include:

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