Asperger Syndrome

If your child in Spokane has Asperger Syndrome, or you think he or she might, help is important.  In many ways, your child may seem more functional than other children you’ve seen with disabilities.  Children with Asperger Syndrome (sometimes called Asperger’s) often speak in full sentences, read well, and perform at or above their grade level in academic subjects at school.

Still, your child may have trouble learning things that come naturally to the rest of us, like participating in a mutual conversation, making friends, being flexible, or learning to lose gracefully.  Parents and children may benefit from therapy to learn about emotions, social skills, friendships, behaviors, and how to deal with the many challenges of Asperger Syndrome.

The needs of children with Asperger’s and their families often overlap with other disorders, so below are links to various resources within this website that may be of help to you.

Is It Really Asperger Syndrome?

Autism Symptoms, or Does My Child Have Autism, PDD, or Asperger Syndrome? (Checklist)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Types (Includes Asperger Syndrome)

Autism Assessment and Diagnosis (for Autism, PDD, or Asperger Syndrome)

Social Skills

Social Skills Checklist ("Red Flags")

Emotions and Anxiety

Parenting a Child with Anxiety


Behavior Challenges - "The Train Wreck"


Journey Through Holland

More to come…please check back.

Need More Help Now?

You and your child in Spokane with Asperger Syndrome may benefit from professional help.  Therapy can help children gain self-confidence, make friends, express and understand emotions, and respond in more mature ways to challenges. Click for more information on Year For Change Spokane Assessment to determine therapy goals, and Treatment and Therapy.

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